(SSR) Yuya Fungami (Login Bonus)

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Unit Yuya Fungami (Login Bonus).png
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Yuya Fungami Stand User
Icon Blue.png
Diamond Is Unbreakable
Highway Star
Attack: 2570
HP: 5440

A boy who is in a critical condition with full body bruises and is unconscious. To recover from his injuries, he manipulates his stand to collect nutrients from others.
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Main Info


Leader Skill

Don't pretend like you know what you're doing

Blue attributes movement distance +60%, Smash range +30%

Command Skill

I'm not sluggish!!

When activated, move with an additional movement distance +150%! Furthermore, gain counter immunity while moving!


Unit list ability Blue.png
Icon Skill SP.png
I'll never stop chasing!
During its own action the increase of HITs is tripled, and when it goes above 30 HITs, ATK increases by +400%!

Break Skill

Unit frame antiareaskill off.png
Iconbase antiareaskill off.png

Resist Pain off icon.png

Pain tolerance
Disable the effects of area skills Pain

How to Get[edit | edit source]

  • Distributed

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