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For now this help page is only for Android and Windows users, if you don't have an Android device you can use an emulator for PC with a new Google Play account. You only can use your account on one device. For any questions feel free to add a new topic in the talk page and don't forget to sign your question with ~~~~. This process also works for the game One Piece Treasure Cruise.

Getting Started[edit source]

First of all you need to root your phone. To do that you will need to surf the internet and search for how to do it according with your brand and model. This can be dangerous for your device if you don't do it correctly, so please, be aware. Also, you will need an app that allows you to explore all your folders, I recommend Root Explorer but you can find other apps that work just as well. For your computer you'll need a software that decompres tar.gz files. You can use WinRaR, 7-Zip, or the tar command on Windows 10.

The Android emulator MEmu is already rooted, so it's the best choice if you don't want to take risk.

After installing the app, open it and go to the path /data/data/com.bandainamcogames.jojoss/files/Cache

Compressing[edit source]

Find the Cache folder and tap & hold. After being selected, tap the three dots and create a shortcut. Now, enter the CACHE folder and find the GNPCACHE folder. Do the same as before, but instead a making a shortcut make a TAR file compressed with GZIP. When the process is finished, go to the TAR.

Select the new file and move it to the SD card or wherever you can access when connecting your device to a PC.

Alternative[edit source]

Sometimes I experience issues with Root Explorer when I tried to compress the GNPCACHE folder (corrupted zips, empty folders, access error even with root...) so I found another way to do it. It's just the same but without a GUI.

First make a script file with .sh extension where you want, I will choose the Download folder for this case (/storage/emulated/legacy/Download or /storage/emulated/0/Download) and save it as Then, type this text as content of the file:

cd /data/data/com.bandainamcogames.jojoss/files/Cache
tarFile="GNPCACHE_$(date +"%m%d%Y-%H%M%S").tar.gz"
tar -czvf /storage/emulated/legacy/Download/$tarFile $( find -name "*.png" -o -name "*.ogg")
echo ------------------------------------------ 
echo Created the file $tarFile

If you are using Windows for creating this file you can experience some issues. For avoid that, use Notepad++ for fix the EOL (end of line) from Edit menu -> EOL Conversion -> Unix.

Now, we'll use Termux. After install, run the app and type the next line by line:

cp /storage/emulated/legacy/Download/ /data/data/com.termux/files/home

Each time you want to compress and save all the files, just send this two commands:


When it has finished, quit twice typing exit and pressing enter.

Decompressing[edit source]

Plug your device to your computer and copy the GNPCACHE.tar.gz. Now, use WinRaR (or whatever you have) for decompress the package. Now you have all your images, as well as other files like fonts (.ttf) and audio (.ogg), on your computer.

Organizing[edit source]

You will notice that the images are separated in several folders. You can use the next script on your PC for organize all the images in a single folder. For that, make a new file with Notepad, copy and paste the script, modify the path of each folder and save as .cmd or .bat.

To use the script just put the .tar.gz files in the same folder of the script and run it with a double click.

@echo off
set folder="C:\Temp\Temp_JoJoSS"
mkdir %folder%
If Not Exist %OUTPUTDIR% ( mkdir %OUTPUTDIR% )
If Not Exist %OUTPUTDIR_OGG% ( mkdir %OUTPUTDIR_OGG% )
If Not Exist *.tar.gz ( explorer %OUTPUTDIR% )
for %%A IN (*.tar.gz) do (
	title Decompressing in %folder%
	echo Decompressing files in %folder%...
	tar -xvzf %%A -C %folder%
	Title Moving PNG files to %OUTPUTDIR%
	for /R %folder% %%a in (*.png) do xcopy "%%a" %OUTPUTDIR% /sy
	Title Moving OGG files to %OUTPUTDIR_OGG%
	for /R %folder% %%a in (*.ogg) do xcopy "%%a" %OUTPUTDIR_OGG% /sy
	DEL %%A
RMDIR %folder% /S /Q

Common Filenames[edit source]

Since it's a quite difficult to find some images, here you will see the names that are used for each kind of file.

Filename Used for
unit_<numbers>.png Main image for medals
cmn_charaname_<numbers>.png Names in japanese
stand_<numbers>.png Images used for the Stands
frame_<numberOfStars>_<rarity>_<color>.png Bottom part of the medals
tac_stage_<numbers>.png Background of the stages
event_<numbers>_cut*.png Images used for the story mode
item_*_<numbers>.png Images for items
scenario_bg_*.png Images for the animations of the story mode
stand_<numbers>.png Images used for the Stands
tac_attack_*_effect_*.png Sprite sheet for animations of CS
tac_common_attack_*.png Special effects when attacking
tac_finish_*.png Sprite sheet when killing an enemy at touching
tac_kindpiece_<rarity>_<numbers>.png Coins ingame
tac_piece_<numbers>.png Images used for small medals
tac_popup_*.png Unit poping up ingame
tac_status_<numbers>.png Icons for status

FAQ[edit source]

  • Why do I need to root my phone?
    • The game files are stored in a path that you can't access with normal permissions. With root you can access there.
  • What the hell is TAR? And GZIP?
    • It's a file format, like ZIP or RAR, used in UNIX to merge many files into a single one. The GZIP is a compressing method.
  • I have a lot of images, but not the one I'm looking for. Why?
    • The game uses a specific image file format that we can't use (.nty), but it uses a cache in PNG for faster loading. That means that to get a specific image you first need to see that image in-game, doing that, the game will store the image in the cache folder for future access. The main problem is that the game doesn't always make the chached image, so maybe two tries are needed.