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Main Menu[edit | edit source]

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Main Menu will all other sub menus and buttons translated.

The Main Menu on Stardust Shooters is your main hub, like it is in many other games. Here you'll come across many helpful navigation tools to help you navigate the game.

From the Main Menu you can access the Missions, your mailbox, the schelude of upcoming events in the game, and your Friends list. You're also able to access your Unit Menu, the Quest menu, the gacha page and the settings menu.

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You're also able to go to the Dora Bingo and punch in your sheet until it's full, as well as also see the different banners for all the events currently in the game, access to your Tarot Cards which reset every day at mail time, and the current SP event store.

The final big piece of the Main Menu is your team, which is illustrated in the middle to show the lineup on the team slot that you're currently going to be using.

For further guidance, please refer to the picture on the right hand side to see everything how it'll look presented in game!

Dora Bingo[edit | edit source]

The Dora Bingo is a small feature that grants you rewards for completing quests. The sheet has a total of 24 slots and you can "punch" one for each quest you complete. The rewards are always the same, the only difference between each reset is the color of the Frogs.

The Dora Bingo sheet with eighteen slots punched.
  • 1st Bingo - 2 Diamonds
  • 2nd Bingo - 3 SSR Frogs
  • 3rd Bingo - 50,000 Gold
  • 4th Bingo - 3 SSR Color Frogs
  • 5th Bingo - 100,000 Gold
  • 6th Bingo - 6 SSR Frogs
  • 7th Bingo - 12 Metal Parts
  • 8th Bingo - 6 SSR Color Frogs
  • 9th Bingo - 5,000 Friend Poins
  • 10th Bingo - 15 Metal Parts
  • 11th Bingo - 200,000 Gold
  • 12th Bingo - 1 Diamond

Unit Menu[edit | edit source]

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The Unit Menu when opened, takes you to a variety of different options that'll give you a multitude of different ways to access, and improve your units.

The first one of these is the team editor:

Team Editor[edit | edit source]

See also: Team Building


The Team Editor menu will take you to your team presets, which is where all of your current teams are currently saved. From here you can edit your teams to your standards. It's one of the main menu's that you're going to be using in the game, so you'll definitely get used to it. You'll also be able to change your team formations name from this menu, by clicking the gold button that's located by the current team name.

While also on the team editor menu, you'll also have access to a small circular button on the bottom right titled "Menu". You have four different options that'll appear from here, the first one which is a purple button called "Save" which will take you the team presets page, where you can save a new preset.

The second button will allow you to load a saved team formation into the current team spot that you were accessing. To do this, simply click on the formation that's shown on the paper in this window, and you'll be presented with a menu asking if you wish to load the team load out from the slot that you were trying to pull it from. When you push "Yes" it'll load the team.

The third button is a reset button, that'll remove all of the units that are currently on the team except for the leader unit. This is helpful to quickly clear out a team.

The fourth and final button is a button that allows the game to make a random team for you out of all of your units, not exactly recommended if you know what you're doing, but it can be helpful for newer players.

Character Battle Team Editor[edit | edit source]


This is a menu that'll only be available to you when a Character Battle is currently active in the game, which is when a brand new SP releases twice a month. This menu will allow you to edit the equips that you have setup for the character battle, and doesn't really offer much more than that.

This option is hidden when there isn't an ongoing Character Battle.

Tower Team Editor[edit | edit source]


When the Tower Battle mission type is available to play in the game, three extra options will become available on the Unit Menu which allow you to build your team formations for the Tower Battles.

The three options correspond to the three difficulties of the tower battle, and using this menu is just like using Team Formation menu that you normally have access to, except that once units have been used, they're not usable on the next tower floor, adhering to the Tower Battle Rules.

Unit Leveling[edit | edit source]

See also: Enhance Units


This is again one of the menus that you're going to be accessing the most in the game, as it's where you have to go every single time that you want to level up a unit. When you access this menu, it'll take you to your unit box, and from here you need to select the unit that you desire to level up.

When you click the unit you'll be taken to the reinforcement page, where you need to select up to ten different medals to feed into the unit that you're levelling. Once you're prepared you can press the "Strengthen" button to feed the above units into your unit, until it hits the level cap! (15/30/80/100)

Unit Awakening[edit | edit source]


The Unit Awakening page works hand in hand with the Unit Levelling page, because once your unit hits the previously mentioned level cap, you'll need to break the limit on the unit to be able to level it higher, as well as gain access to further ability slots on the unit.

To break the units limit and awaken it, you access this menu, choose the character of your choosing, and then awaken the unit with the required materials that are listed.

Slot Enhancement[edit | edit source]


The third method of further improving your units is the Slot Enhancement tab. When you access this tab, you'll be presented with all of your units again. However, this time when you click your desired unit you'll be presented with a menu that slightly resembles a slot machine, where you need to push the plus sign to increase the ability slot levels of your desired slot.

Once you do this, you're going to be required to spend metals, which come from stroheim missions, or SP Campaigns, and a set amount of gold and then you'll be able to strengthen the units ability slots, allowing you to gain a further percentage of stats from the equipped units.

Break Skill Enhancement[edit | edit source]


The fourth method of improving your units is the Break Skill Enhancement tab. From this menu you'll be presented with all of your units that don't currently have their Break Skills levelled to their max.

To level up the units Break Skills you'll be required to spend Books, which can be acquired from Terunosuke missions, or from SP Campaign stores, and by doing this you'll either improve your units resistance against an enemy aura, or you'll get an extra Destruction activation, if the unit that you're enhancing has the Destruction Break Skill.

Keep in mind that the cost of books is all dependant on what level of Break Skill you're currently levelling up, as well as the type of Break Skill, as Destruction as an example costs a lot more books than any other Break Skill to level.

Variable Slot Enhancement[edit | edit source]


The fifth method, and a recent addition to the game is the Variable Slot Enhancement menu. From this menu you'll only be able to see the Gold and Silver Attribute units that you have in your unit box, as these are the only two attributes that have access to the Variable Slot.

Once you click a unit, you'll be told about the required medals that you'll need to be able to buy the Variable Slot for each of the units that you're looking at, which differ between SSR and SR units. These medals can be bought from the Time Attack store.

Assist Ability Slot Enhancement[edit | edit source]


The newest addition to the game, and the sixth method of further improving your units. When you access this menu, you'll be presented with a selection of your units, although your SP units won't be accessible from this menu because of the nature of the Assist Ability Slot.

The currency for this enhancement are Keys, which can be acquired from Requiem Road, and when you have enough they'll grant the unit that you've chosen access to a fourth ability slot, just like SP units have access to.

Item Box[edit | edit source]

The second half of the Unit Box menu translated

The Item Box is simply a box that allows you to view your current stock of all your different items that you've earned through various methods in the game.

Unit Box[edit | edit source]

See also: Unit Box

The Unit Box is the box that allows you to simply view all of your units, without the options to do anything such as Enhancing or Awakening them.

Sell Units[edit | edit source]

The final option on the Unit Box page, and it does exactly what the name implies. When your box gets full and you no longer have room for any more medals, you're able to go here and sell any units that you no longer have any need for. Keep in mind you should never sell SSR or SR Characters, and you should only be selling Gold frogs, or R/N units.

In the top right corner you will find a button for autosell all N and Gold frogs, unless the ones marked as favourite.

Quest Menu[edit | edit source]

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The Quest Menu is the small globe icon available along the selection wheel at the bottom of the Main Menu. Once you press this button, you'll gain access to three different other menus with different types of missions available. The types of missions found in each section will be further explained in their sections below.

Special Quest[edit | edit source]

See also: Quests

The Special Quest page is the host of a large variety of different missions. Basically every single mission type that isn't part of the Anime mission line, or the Stardust Adventure mission line will be found in this section of the mission tab!

The special quest tab can be comprised of: The Daily random mission (Resets every day at JST Midnight.), Tower Battles, Character Battles, Technical Battles, Event Missions, Encounters, Campaign Quest missions, Day of the Week missions, Requiem Road, Ultimate Challenge, Expert CC and Time Attack Missions.

  • Tower Battle mission type will only be available for a set amount of days (Usually just over a week) where your objective is to climb to the top of the tower, not using any unit more than once, and completing all the floors to get the main reward.
  • Technical Battles are your battles where you're restricted in how you play, be it either Attribute, or Part restrictions.
  • Event Missions are present whenever there's an ongoing SP Campaign, the tie in mission that will have rewards related to the Campaign will be here.
  • Encounter Quest appear in a pair every single day, and reset at JST Midnight. Each set of Encounters will reward you with eleven diamonds total, so you can get a total of twenty two diamonds a day if you haven't previously beaten the encounters.
  • Campaign Quest are available either constantly for a week if they're an older SR Link unit, or at certain half hour intervals during the day if they're new. The featured unit is always an SR with a Link Skill.
  • Day of the week missions are ones that allow you to get some resources, or a special character that can't be attained elsewhere.
  • Requiem Road is a special tower like game mode, but instead the rewards are Keys, Titles, and special units.
  • Ultimate Challenge are low stamina cost versions of Ultimate Missions, where you won't get Platinum Ring drops, but instead you're able to go in and practise the missions, or try out a team. First time clear of each one here will award you with ten platinum rings.
  • Expert CC is the same as the Ultimate Challenge, but instead it's based on Expert Challenges, and beating all five of one of the CC will reward you with fifteen diamonds, but you cannot use friend units during this.
  • Time Attack are the missions you partake in for TA Points, and there is a new one every month.

At left right you can see a button to access to the Ticket Quest menu, there you can find all special quests based on ticket you earned (purchased with SP points, got them for free events or from the Friend Gacha Menu).

Anime Quest[edit | edit source]

The Diamond Is Unbreakable Anime Mission Page

The Anime Quest is a set of missions that tells the story of the Diamond Is Unbreakable Anime, and the Golden Wind Anime. The missions come in chapters, which have four missions each inside of them, as well as an EX version of the final stage for the Diamond Is Unbreakable story.

To switch between Diamond Is Unbreakable and Golden Wind there's two buttons near the top of the page, that say "Part 4 quests" and "Part 5 quests", pushing these will take you to the relevant part.

From the Diamond Is Unbreakable mission, you have access to four different sub menus which aren't the mission tabs. These are: Help, Morioh City Map, the Kameyu Stamp Shop and Morioh Fountain.

Help[edit | edit source]

Help is just general information that tells your your objective in the Diamond Is Unbreakable Anime Story, to clear the missions to unlock different landmark information, and collect Diamonds and Kameyu Stamps.

Morioh City Map[edit | edit source]

The Morioh City Map is a Map of the landmarks of Morioh that you'll unlock as you go about completing each chapter of the Diamond Is Unbreakable Anime Quest. Once you fill out one of the eleven sections of the map, you'll be rewarded with three diamonds, per each of the 11 map parts that you successfully fill out.

Kameyu Stamp Store[edit | edit source]

The Kameyu Stamp Store
The Kameyu Stamp Store is the place where you can exchange the Turtle Stamps (
Kameyu Stamp.png
Kameyu Stamp) that you've collected during the Diamond Is Unbreakable anime story.

These stamps drop from the Diamond Is Unbreakable missions, as well as the Vento Aureo missions in their respective tabs, and can be used to exchange for a wide variety of different units. The full list of these units can be found on the Summoning page!

However, the stamp shop isn't only for purchasing units, but you can also purchase Frogs, as well as enhancement items from the store that'll allow you to improve your units as you're going through the Diamond Is Unbreakable and Vento Aureo story!

There's one final way to collect Kameyu Stamps for the store, and that's every week the day before the Kameyu Store resets, there'll be small gold flashing orbs present on the pictures when you enter a chapter. If you click on these small glowing orbs, then Harvest will appear and reward you with one Kameyu Stamp per chapter!

Morioh Fountain[edit | edit source]

The Morioh Fountain

The Morioh Fountain is the last of the Diamond Is Unbreakable sub menus, and upon being accessed allows you to collect five frogs every time the fountain fills up! The rarity of the frog unit that you have present in the fountain is indicated by the colour of the lights in the water, which correspond to their rarity, eg Gold for SR, etc.

Each 3 hours a new frog will appear and the fountain will only retain up to 5. At bottom there is a countdown for the next frog and it also displays the amount of frogs currently present in your fountain.

There's also two buttons present on the page, a blue button which when pushed will allow you to enhance the frogs that are currently inside of your fountain. This way you can ensure that you'll always receive the best frogs possible from the Morioh fountain! However, keep in mind that it costs 20,000 gold per frog that you're trying to enhance, and it's not a guaranteed enhancement each time that you spend gold.

The button below this, which is gold is simply the collect frogs button, that will collect the frogs that are currently available inside of your fountain.

There's a small chance of delinquents appearing when collecting the frogs, that have a small chance of completely refilling the fountain with new frogs if Josuke punches the face of one of them.

Stardust Adventure[edit | edit source]

Stardust Adventure tells the story of the manga parts that aren't present in the Anime missions tab! These are: Part One, Part Two and Part three.

Each different Tab of Stardust Adventure has three different difficulty tabs, Easy, Hard, and Ultimate. Beating each of these will reward you with a multitude of different rewards, such as Diamonds, Characters, Awakening Items and Titles.

Part one and Part two both only have one part to partake in each, but Part three is separated into three different Parts to take part in.

Summoning[edit | edit source]

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See also: Summoning

Also know as "Gacha Menu".

Settings[edit | edit source]

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See also: Settings