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Ultimate Mission[edit | edit source]

QuestFlame 10.png

Like Expert Challenge, these missions features a exclusive unit. Each missions has three varians (easy, medium, and hard) and only the hard has a chance of drop the featured unit as reward. The first time you clear the mission it will give you a copy of the unit as reward.

These missions also drops that can be used to exchange exactly this units in the Platinum Ring Exchange

You will recognize this missions easily with the rainbow color and the Platinum Ring image at the background.

List of Ultimate Missions[edit | edit source]

These are all the available missions.

Expert Challenge[edit | edit source]

QuestFlame 12.png

These missions features a exclusive unit that can be obtained in the , also, the missions has a little chance of drop the featured unit. Each time that the mission appears, even if you already completed it in the past, the chest will be closed and you can obtain the reward again.

You will recognize this missions easily with the garnet color and the Kar's ligh blade at the background.

List of Expert Challenges[edit | edit source]

These are all the available missions.

Character Battle[edit | edit source]

QuestFlame 13.png

Character Battles offer a missions with a predefined team with their Command Skill and Ability at Lv. 20. However, it allows to equip Abilities. These missions often appears along with new SP units, so you can try them before pulling.

Tower Battle[edit | edit source]

QuestFlame 21.png

The Tower Battle it's a type of mission that features a boss that can be only obtained beating all the floors. You start from the below, before raise one level you must complete the previus floor. Each floor has it's own boss and beating it will give you two rewards, and just for starting the mission for the firts time you will get a Diamond. The units used in one floor can't be used in another floor, this includes even the link skills or ability slots (unless units used in the Joker slot).

QuestFlame 34.png

There is a variant, the Technical Tower Battle. In this case each floor have a requirement, it can be restricted to only one color, rarity and/or type (Stand user, Vampire, Joestar member...).

List of Towers[edit | edit source]

These are all the available towers.

List of Technical Towers[edit | edit source]